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General conditions of holiday rental in Spain - Season 2020-2021

To read very carefully, AQUI-VILLAS declines any responsibility in case of complaints related to one of the points described below.
The brochure AQUI-VILLAS: the reservation of one of our accommodations implies knowing and accepting the particular conditions contained in the brochure. We have endeavored to collect as much information as possible in our catalog, but a printing error may occur. All rates must be confirmed by us at the time of booking. The photographs of residences or complexes reproduced in our brochures are an example of a facade or building. Therefore, they are not contractual to the extent that the tenant cannot stay on the facade or in the building presented. Tourist information on the activities of the resorts or the surrounding area is published for informational purposes only. For any other information related to the life of the resorts or their surroundings, the tenant should contact the Tourist Office.
Formalities: the departure from Europe of minor children who do not have a valid passport is subject to certain formalities. Ask at the police station or city hall.
English or national travelers from a European Community country must be in possession of the national identity document (validity of 10 years) or passport. For travelers of other nationalities, the information must be taken from the consulate of your country.
Rates: established in euros, prices are calculated per unit and per week. In case of changes in the economic conditions after the publication of our catalogs, AQUI-VILLAS reserves the right to revise its sales prices.
Rates: each reservation gives rise to the collection of AQUI-VILLAS rates. These cannot, under any circumstances, be reimbursed.
Additional costs: these are additional services (sometimes mandatory) such as the provision of sheets, rental of an extra bed, tourist tax, cleaning package at the end of the stay, etc. ... (see the web brochure).
Depending on the accommodation booked, they must be paid to AQUI-VILLAS or directly on the site in Spain to the local service provider.
The lease reservation contract: any reservation is the subject of a written contract that will be completed with care and precision (no item should be incomplete). It is set for a specific number of people. For security and insurance reasons, it is strictly forbidden to exceed the number of occupants provided and indicated in the contract. On the site, the service provider has the right to deny access to housing to people not listed in the contract. Babies are considered complete persons and must also appear in the contract.

Payment methods accepted: a AQUI-VILLAS - Bank transfer - Money order - Cash - Bank card (Visa or American Express). For any payment with American Express card, a surcharge of 3% of the rental rate will be charged.
Deposit: must be paid at the time of booking. It must represent:
- 30% of the rental amount more than two months before the start of the stay,
- 70% of the rental amount less than two months from the beginning of the stay,
- 100% of the rental amount within one month from the beginning of the stay.
This amount must be increased obligatorily by the expenses of file, the cancellation insurance (optional) and any supplement to pay to AQUI-VILLAS (rent of extra bed, final cleaning of the stay, etc.).
The reservation will be final only after receipt of the reservation contract, duly completed and signed, accompanied by payment.
Then a rental confirmation will be sent to the tenant as soon as possible.

The balance of the rent: it will be calculated according to the amount of the deposit paid at the time of booking, knowing that 70% of the rental amount must be paid two months before the start of the stay and the whole one month before the start of the stay. For some accommodations, it is possible to pay the provider 30% of the rental amount in euros and cash preference (bank charges of 1 to 2% for credit card payment when accepted).
The rental voucher (voucher): will be sent by email to the tenant after payment of 70% or the total amount of the stay (depending on the accommodation booked). It includes: the invoice, the voucher to present on the site, the contact information of the reception desk and information about the complex

The arrival: the tenant with his voucher must present himself at the reception desk where his house keys will be delivered. Arrival times vary by season (see reservation form). In case of delay, it is essential to inform the reception; The provider may request a supplement.

Departure: the accommodation must be vacated on the day stipulated in the contract and at the time indicated in the stay and defined by the local service provider.

In high season, departures usually take place before 10 in the morning.

The security deposit: it is a lump sum deposit that varies according to the accommodation. It is requested upon arrival of the tenant to respond to any damage caused during the stay. It will be returned by the tenant or by mail at the local office; Deduction of replaced objects, housing restoration costs and the amount of additional consumption.

Aqui-villas declines any responsibility in case of dispute between the local service provider and the tenant over the security deposit that is left on the spot.

Animals: they are strictly prohibited in many homes. When accepted, they are only available upon request, depending on your race and the property that is rented for a fee.

Changes: any change (change of date, type of accommodation, etc.) must be sent by registered mail. AQUI-VILLAS will take into account the new parameters and will try to satisfy the new request within the limits of availability.

Attention, for reservations for the months of July and August, no modification will be taken into account less than 60 days from the start of the contract.

Assignment of the contract: The buyer can assign his contract to an assignee who meets the same conditions as him to carry out the stay, provided that this contract has not taken effect. You must inform the seller of your decision by registered letter with acknowledgment of receipt no later than seven days before the start of the rental.

Cancellation: any cancellation must be notified to AquiVillas by certified letter with acknowledgment of receipt. or email to It will be effective as of the date that appears on the postmark and will incur the following charges:

- more than 80 days from the start date of the rental: 10% of the rental amount with a minimum of € 70 administration costs,

- between 80 and 70 days from the start date of the rental: 15% of the rental amount with a minimum of € 100 administration costs,

- between 70 and 60 days before the rental start date: loss of deposit (30% of the rent),

- between 59 and 21 days before the rental start date: 70% of the rental amount,

- less than 21 days from the start date of the rental: 100% of the rental amount.

Cancellation and liability insurance: it is possible to subscribe at the time of booking. It covers the interruption and cancellation of the rental stay, the tenant's civil responsibility and the search and rescue in the sea and the mountains (under certain conditions, see the document). It is not mandatory but it is strongly recommended. If the tenant does not wish to subscribe, he must necessarily attach to the reservation contract, a certificate of civil responsibility that specifies the guarantee of movable property and the amount of this guarantee in the context of a holiday rental abroad. In the event that several families participate in the same rental, one certificate will be requested per family.

Complaints: in case of complaints, the tenant must address, within three days, from the date of entry to the facilities, the local provider who will try to find the best solution to the problem. However, if the problem cannot be resolved, the tenant must contact us, from his place of vacation, so that we can intervene as quickly as possible.

For any unresolved complaints, the complaints must be notified to the local provider at the beginning or email to and the certified mail with acknowledgment of receipt must be sent to AQUI-VILLAS within 30 days after the contract termination date lease. Beyond this period, no further claims will be considered.

Theft, loss or accident: the tenant is required to insure against the risks inherent in the occupation of a home, namely theft, loss or degradation of personal items, as well as degradations that could cause furniture and damage that could cause in the Negligence housing. AQUI-VILLAS disclaims all liability for accidents that may occur to the tenant and his property during the stay. We advise the tenant to contact their insurance company to obtain,

Holiday Rental Conditions 2020/2021 Aqui-Villas

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